• Tanna Wolf

Quicker Path to Delicious

Some of you might have noticed that after 10 years (!!!) we have decided to downsize our menu and focus on our 4 most popular items served in pitas or as plates (GF). We are letting go of our salads and our Roadside Snack. These are the items that really slow down the flow that our crew works so hard to maintain.

We are truly sorry if this is a disappointment or inconvenience to you! We love all of our menu items and are also sad to say goodbye.

We are making these changes in order to provide better and faster service.

Portland has changed a lot since we opened in 2009. The ever-increasing cost of doing business in Portland has led us to believe that we need to focus on efficiency in order to stay in the game. A menu focused on our most popular items served as wraps or as GF plates, will enable us (often only one cook at a time!) to engage with our customers in a less frantic way. It’s a bit too much to ask of our crew to operate a restaurant scale menu from a cart-sized kitchen :) and this has translated to long waits for our customers, flustered staff, and inconsistency, all of which we‘d like to avoid.

We hope to be around for the long run, serving you delicious food prepared with love!

Yours truly,

W & B ‘s

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